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This privacy policy concerns information we process as a data controller, in compliance with UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

If you are a client, this includes your contact information; communications to and from us; information we keep regarding products and/or services requested, proposed, in progress, or provided; billing and payment information.

To the extent that we process data or information for which you are a data controller, service is subject to our Data Processing Agreement.

Data Controller

Gareth Evans T/A socomp.co.uk

Purposes, Lawful Bases and Retention Periods

Purpose/InterestExamplesLawful BasisRetention Period
Accounting, Records, Billing and CollectionContact information
Invoices or receipts
Notes and history
Legal Obligation,
Legitimate Interest,
Performance of Contract
Upto 7 years for HMRC purposes;
Indefinite for reference/archiving
Provision of Service, Analysis and ReferenceBlog posts and subscriptions;
Notes and records of work requested, proposed, ongoing or completed;
Trend analysis
Legitimate Interest,
Performance of Contract
Advertising and MarketingBlog posts and subscriptions;
Letting you know about new products and services
Consent (electronic),
Legitimate Interest (non-electronic)
Indefinite, subject to opt-out or withdrawal of consent
CommunicationsBlog posts, subscriptions and associated administration;
Messages from the website contact form and replies thereto;
Enquiries and notes or messages regarding work requested, proposed, ongoing or completed, and/or negotiations regarding the same.
Legitimate Interest,
Performance of Contract
Provision of WebsiteIP addresses;
Date and time of visits;
Browser type and signature, which may include, inter alia, your Operating System and screen resolution
Legitimate InterestIndefinite
System monitoring service (where instructed)IP addresses;
User and/or device identifiers;
Logs, metrics, events, issues, alerts, corresponding sources and timestamps;
Legitimate Interest, Performance of ContractNot longer than three months after contract expiration.

Your Contact Details

There is no need to provide particular contact information for initial enquiries.

If you ask us to undertake work for you, we will ask for your name, postal address, email address and/or mobile phone number. This is to ensure that we have adequate information for billing purposes where relevant.

We may be unable to provide the service(s) requested if you do not provide the minimum information described above.

Right to Object

Where processing is based on legitimate interest, you have the right to object to continued processing.

Right to Withdraw Consent

For processing based on consent, you have the right to withdraw consent for continued processing.


It may be necessary for your information to be processed by our accountant(s); bank(s); payment processor(s); collection, financial and/or legal service(s) or advisor(s); backup provider(s); security provider(s) or consultant(s); business advisor(s) or consultant(s); data recovery provider(s); email, hosting and communication service provider(s); HM Revenue and Customs.

Your Rights

You are entitled to:

  • Know if we are processing information about you
  • Access the information we hold
  • Have any inaccuracies corrected
  • Request the erasure, or restriction of processing, of the information
  • Object to processing based on the legitimate interests basis, or withdraw consent for processing based on consent

If you have queries or concerns about data protection issues, please contact privacy@fogoergheiuhgiuhsocomp.co.uk or use our contact form.

Complaints may also be made to the Information Commissioner's Office.
More information is available on the ICO Website.


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